Coach Paula Bohland's Mission
 This 100 people 100k in 2021 program is for people who are starting or growing a business and want to get their biz income to 100k in 2021.

  • FREE WEEKLY COACHING: Every Thursday you can submit questions and participate in a LIVE group coaching. 
  • Daily Inspiration and Tips: Receive through TEXT or EMAIL
  • Earn Points For Freebies: You can earn free 1x1 coaching, courses, tools to help you build your business and more!  

How the program works! 

What You Need To Do:

  • COMMIT to the program! That is the biggest step. 
  • Refer people to sign up for the 100/100 program 
  • Show up for coaching sessions on Thursday- 6 pm ET
  • ​Participate in 100 People 100 k Facebook Group
  • ​Work on your Business- grow your business and income
  • ​Complete a Video Testimonial
  • ​Participate in part of a case study

What you get from Coach Paula Bohland and Team:

  • Daily inspiration note or video
  • ​Weekly YouTube video
  • Weekly Coaching
  • ​Facebook Group Updates/Info 

How to Earn Points: 

  •  Refer 5 people =10 points (they need to join the FB group and tag you) 
  • ​Send in questions and attend Zoom Coaching Call on Thursdays at 6 pm=1 point for every meeting you attend- you will get an email reminding you to do this. Email: 
  • ​Do Weekly Assignment=1 point for completing assignment and posting in FB group
  • Follow on Facebook /Instagram and YouTube=2 points (you will get this info in WELCOME email) 
  • Share and Tag (Coach Paula Bohland) on your social media outlets= 2 points each share
  • ​Subscribe and tune into specific training on You Tube= 5 points
  • ​Complete a Video Testimonial= 15 points
  • ​Participated in the Mindset Reset Challenge in January will get =10 points
  • ​Join Upcoming challenges-participate=20 points
  • Purchased Mind Your Own Business Program= 30 points
  • ​Purchased Money Mojo Video Course= 10 points

Redeem Points For: 

  • Get Two- 15 min coaching sessions= 30 points
  • ​Get a Mind Your Own Business Coffee Cup= 50 points 
  • Get  Six -30 min coaching sessions =75 points
  • ​more to come


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